Bata opened the first store in Cameroon in 1932, and a sister company was established later. Business in this country ended in 1990.

  • In 1932, the first shop was opened – Douala; in 1938 a second store in Yaoundé was also in operation
  • Between 1935 and 1939, a rubber purchase network was developed in the country to supply Bata Company
  • In 1957, the company put a central warehouse and office – Douala into operation
  • In the 1960s, Bata enterprise in Cameroon, along with sales network, also included production in a modern factory built before 1969 – Douala; this production unit was supplied from a tannery in Rufisque, Senegal
  • 1962 – for the territory of Cameron Bata S. Camerounaise (Cameroon) was registered in the list of existing companies; the firm functioned under the same name 16 years later in 1978
  • In 1990, Bata´s businesses in Cameroon were sold


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Baťova továrna, Douala, 1969
Baťova továrna, Douala, 1969