Tomas Bata established the first store in the country in 1932. A sister company and a factory were founded in 1939 and Kenya had a significant role in developing worldwide Bata business activities.

  • In 1932, the first Bata stores– Nairobi, Mombasa were opened in Kenya
  • In 1939, Bata retail network expanded and consisted of sixteen stores
  • In 1939, the sister company Bata Shoe Comp. Ltd., Nairobi was established.
  • In June 1939, the construction of the footwear factory in Mombasa began; very soon around 100 employees were working in the factory; This unit was soon shut down and the production was transferred to Limuru
  • In 1942, a new factory was built in Limuru, as well a residential area for the employees; leather and rubber footwear, and clothing were made here; The number of employees rose: 1,000 people (around 1943), 1,400 people (in 1946); Limuru was the headquarters of Bata Shoe Company Limited for British East Africa
  • 1962 – The following companies were registered in the list of existing Bata companies: East Africa Bata Shoe Company Limited (Kenya); Interco Limited (Kenya)
  • Around 1965, Bata´s organisation in the country lost its network of stores, which  were taken by government intervention
  • In 1978, the sister company Bata Shoe Company (Kenya) Limited operated in the country
  • In 1992 following Bata businesses were active in the country:
    • Bata Kenya, Limuru
    • Shipping Department, Mombasa
    • Branch Factory, Voi
  • Around the year 1990 Bata production line also included work and safety boots


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Baťova továrna, Limuru, 1957
Baťova továrna, Limuru, 1957

Keňa, firemní továrna, (asi 80. léta)
Keňa, firemní továrna, (asi 80. léta)