The Bata Company started operating on the island in the 1930s by opening own shop, followed by expanding the business until the year 1988.

  • In 1936, Bata had a single shop on the island; in 1938-1939 there were already 4 shops serving the customers
  • Since the 1930s, business in the country continuously developed in the post-war decades (production, sales)
  • In 1978, the sister company Bata Shoe Co. (Mauritius) Limited operated on Mauritius
  • The activity of Bata´s organisation ended in 1988 with the businesses being sold.


  • Bata, The Bata Shoe Organisation, 1978
  • Moravský zemský archiv v Brně – Státní okresní archiv Zlín, Česko
Baťova továrna, 70. léta
Baťova továrna, 70. léta