The Bata company opened its first store in the country in 1932. In the early 1960s a new factory was established, but the business activities of the Bata organization were suspended soon after in the country due to the government’s nationalization process.

  • In 1932 the Bata company opened its first shops in the erstwhile Tanganyika – Dar es Salaam, Tanga, Moshi, Arusha; the first record of a store run by the company in Zanzibar dates back to 1938.
  • In 1939 the company operated a network of 12 shops.
  • Around 1960, the Bata organization opened a new shoemaking factory in the country.
  • In 1965, the government of Tanzania took 60% of the shares of the local company run by the Bata organization, whose business activities were suspended there afterwards (nationalization in 1968).


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