Bata opened its first store in the country in 1932. Since the 1960s, Bata´s business has been developing in Uganda, and it is still active today.

  • In 1932, the first Bata company store was opened in the country, in Kampala
  • In 1939 Bata organization owned a larger retail network – 17 shops and sales points
  • Around 1966, the company business was organised again (production, sale)
  • In 1969 the Bata plant was expanded and modernized
  • In 1970 the Bata assets in Uganda companies were nationalized, but they were returned to the owner in 1971. The same government interventions were repeated in 1973 – nationalization and subsequent rapid restoration to owners
  • In 1978, the sister company Uganda Bata Shoe Company Limited operated in the country
  • In 1992, the Uganda Bata, Kampala, ran company business in the country


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The factory in Kampala, 1970
The factory in Kampala, 1970