Bata´s footwear was exported to the territory of today´s Guyana already in 1930, and the company later opened its stores there. Business continued in the country until the end of the twentieth century.

  • In 1930 Bata exported 200 pairs of footwear to Guyana (British Guyana), the export increased in the following years – 13,000 pairs (in 1933) and 22,000 pairs (in 1938)
  • In 1938 four Bata shops were located in the country
  • Bata´s business continued in Guyana after World War II and lasted until 1993 (both production and sales)
  • Bata Guyana, with its seat in Georgetown, was also a part of the Bata Shoe Organization in 1992


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Podpora sportu, 1989
Podpora sportu, 1989