The Bata Shoe Company exported its shoes to Peru already in 1930. Its sister company was established in the country in 1939 and production in the local Bata factory began in 1941. Nowadays The Bata Company is still active in Peru and sells shoes in own retail stores.

  • In the year 1930 the Bata Company exported 11,000 pairs to Peru and this amount oscillated in next years: 2, 000 pairs (in 1935), 24, 000 pairs (in 1936).
  • In the year 1939 a company Fabrica da Calzado Peruano S. A., Lima was set up, and in October 1940 the Bata Company was employing 12 persons in Peru.
  • At beginning of 1941 shoe production in the local Bata factory in Lima started, however the goods were produced manually, as the import permission for shoemaking machines was not granted by the Peruvian government; in the previous years of 1939-1940 the production was hampered by the local producers.
  • In the year 1945 in 2 Bata rubber workshops and 1 shoemaking workshop there were around 300 employees.
  • In 1962 the following Bata enterprises were registered in Peru: Fabrica de Calzado Peruana S.A. (Peru); Compania Bata del Peru S.A. (Peru; formerly Gomera Tapiche S.A.); Curtiduria Patamo S.A. (Peru); Fabrica de Calzado Rimac S.A. (Peru).
  • In the year 1992 five Bata companies existed in Peru:
    • Centro Bata, Lima
    • Peruano, Lima
    • Retail Division, Lima
    • Peruano, Vitarte
    • Peruano, Chosica


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Bata shoe factory, Lima (around 50s and 60s)
Bata shoe factory, Lima (around 50s and 60s)