On the territory of today’s Suriname, the Bata company exported their shoes as early as 1930; a little later, the company opened its stores here. Business continued here in the second half of the twentieth century as well.

  • In 1930, the Bata company exported 2,000 pairs of shoes to Suriname (Dutch Guiana), and exports increased in the following years – 22,000 pairs (in 1935), 94,000 pairs (in 1938).
  • In 1938, two Bata stores were in operation here.
  • 1962 – In the list of historically existing Bata companies, the following are registered for Suriname  N.V. Wiabex (Dutch West Indies); N.V. Bata Handelmaatschappij voor de Antillen en Suriname (Dutch West Indies).
  • In 1971, the footwear factory in Paramaribo was producing shoes, and the company N. V. Bata Handelmaatschappij Suriname (1978) operated here.
  • In 1992, the companies Suriname Footwear, Paramaribo as well as Bata Suriname Footwear, Paramaribo operated here.


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