The Bata Company exported shoes to the island of Trinidad in 1930 and after two years it established own shops. Bata was selling its shoes to customers also after the Second World War, and the company continued doing business on the island till 1993.

  • In 1930, Bata exported 200 pairs of shoes to Trinidad, and the export figures continued to rise – 53,000 pairs (in 1932), 78,000 pairs (in 1938)
  • In 1932 a shop was opened in Port of Spain; in the second half of 1932, three bazaars were added in Port of Spain, Sangre Grande and San Fernando
  • In 1938, Bata registered 18 outlets on the island
  • Bata´s business continued in Trinidad even after World War II, and lasted until 1993 (production and sales)


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