Bata´s business in China was developing through own retail network from 1933 until Second World War.

  • In the interwar period, Bata exported its footwear to the territory of the former Republic of China, to the temporarily derelict territory of Manchuria and to the British colony of Hong Kong; Bata´s export grew slowly
Bata’s export: China, Manchuria, Hong Kong
1928 61 000
1932 115 000 1 000
1934 78 000 6 000 26 000
1936 56 000 17 000 96 000
  • In 1932, the Bata Company had a warehouse in Shanghai
  • Stores in Shanghai and Hong Kong were opened in 1933; A year later, a shop in Charbin in Manchuria opened
  • In 1938, Bata managed a retail network through Bata Shoe Co. Ltd. Singapore in three Chinese Territories: the Department of Hong Kong (8 stores), Department of Shanghai (14 stores), Department of Manchuria (3 stores)
  • As a result of the war events in the upcoming years, the Bata Company operations in the territory of today´s China ended


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