Entrepreneurial activities in Australia were started by the Bata company around 1960, with an affiliated company having been established there. The opening of a shoemaking factory followed immediately afterwards.

  • Around 1960, the Bata organization developed business activities in Australie (production, wholesale).
  • In 1961, a new shoemaking factory situated to the south of Melbourne – Seaford (Mornington) – started production.
  • 1962 – Bata Shoe Company of Australia Pty. Ltd. (Australia) has been included in the list of Bata-owned companies situated on the territory of Australia according to historical records; the company was registered under the same name in 1978 as well.
  • In 1992, Bata Australia, Mornington, a Bata-owned company, conducted business in Australia.


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Baťova továrna, Mornington, Austrálie
Baťova továrna, Mornington, Austrálie