Bata exported shoes to the territory of present-day Lithuania in 1928. In 1931 it opened its own shop, but operated for less than two years. During the Second World War a small wooden-shoes factory was in the country but was rather short-lived.

  • The export of Bata´s shoes to Lithuania gradually increased: 15,000 pairs (in 1928), 37,000 pairs (in 1932)
  • In 1931 Bata opened a store in Kaunas, and employed 7 workers in it
  • By the end of 1932, the shop was apparently closed
  • In the spring of 1940, the Government of the Republic of Lithuania authorised Bata to establish a joint-stock company with the capital of 100,000 litas with the right to produce and sell leather goods; there are no further reports about the intended company´s actions
  • On 10th July 1943, a company Bata G. m. B. H. with the seat in Kaunas was established
  • On 12th May 1943, a firm Ostschuh G. m. b. H. with the seat in Berlin was founded to manage a factory in Vilnius; wooden shoes were produced in this small factory in which the production began on 22nd June 1943. The factory ceased its operations because of war


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