The first Bata stores were opened in Spain in 1932. The sister companies were also founded later and the business of Bata organization still lasts today.

  • In 1932 Bata opened two stores in the Canary Islands – Las Palmas, St. Cruz de Tenerife
  • In 1939, the sales network on Canary Islands consisted of the following outlets: Las Palmas, St. Cruz de Tenerife, Puerto de La Luz, La Palma, La Laguna. There were also two stores in the then Spanish Morocco: Ceuta, Melilla
  • Around 1962, the enterprising of the Bata´s organization revived in Spain (sales network)
  • In 1978, the sister company Avila S. A. was operating in the country; in 1992, in Spain there were two Bata companies: Avila, Alicante; Bata Española, Alicante


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